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REAL History Matters

Unprecedented Exposes

Roswell UFO Crash What They Don't Want Y

This is the BESTSELLING Roswell expose of all time, written by one of the FOUR ORIGINAL ROSWELL RESEARCHERS. Exposes the false claims and lies in 22 of the top Roswell books. After all these years, this research still stands.

History Matters Exports.001

Volume 1 of the UFOlogy or UFOOLogy? series by Kal Korff and Rob McConnell. This is the DEFINITIVE expose of Annie Jacobsen's bestselling Area 51 book and her false claims about Roswell being faked by Joseph Stalin and Holocaust "Angel of Death," Dr. Joseph Mengele using "surgically altered children," – you can't make this stuff up!

Spaceships Of The Pleiades Web 172x225

The DEFINITIVE EXPOSE of the infamous Billy Meier UFO cult in Switzerland. Join Kal as he goes secretly undercover posing as a "Meier believer" in this stunning investigation. 188 Photos and illustrations, many never published before.

History Matters Exports.002

Volume 2 of the UFOlogy or UFOOLogy? series by Kal Korff and Rob McConnell. This EXCLUSIVE EXPOSE blows open the world famous "Interrupted Journey," the Betty and Barney Hill "UFO abduction" case. "Smoking gun" documents published here prove that the Hill "alien star map" was not only NEVER credible, it's main champion, Nuclear Physicist Stanton T. Friedman, always knew that this inconvenient truth was true since the late 1970s, but covered it up. EXPLOSIVE!

What DIDN'T Happen Volume 1 Web 172x225.
Exposing Al Gore's False Claims On Clima
The FBI's Secret Cattle Mutilation Files
Anthology 2 Web 172x225
Anthology 1 Web 172x225_edited
The Wisdom Od Deepak Chopra's Random Buz
The Making Of Bigfoot Web 172x225
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