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Double Trouble

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"If it exists, it has at least one purpose."

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UFOLOGY IS DEFINED as "the scientific study of UFO data or information,” pure and simple. Not only is the term “UFOlogy” a real word, its definition has been very clear and universally agreed on ever since it was first officially enshrined into the The UFO Dictionary project in 1981, mentioned in the first issue of FOCUS, the official newsletter of the Fair Witness Project.


The exact opposite of UFOlogy is what is known as UFOOLogy. Unlike UFOlogy, UFOOLogy is when one makes statements or conclusions about UFOs which are not derivable from factual or credible data.


These two words mean very different things.


In today’s world, where so much misinformation and outright lies about UFOs are published in countless books, in video productions, spread by the media or especially online via the Internet, it is critically important to not only understand the simple key differences between these terms, but to champion their usage properly and expose or hold accountable, those who claim to practice UFOlogy but in reality are UFOOLogists.


This is because UFOOLogy and its UFOOLogists deceive the public, UFOlogists do not!


To such extremists, facts don’t matter.


They deceive people, they rip off the public by committing consumer fraud by selling everything from fraudulent wares and products, to raising millions of dollars online for phony “causes” and other chicanery.


The media empowers this widespread fraud, even “encourages” it frequently by providing scammers with a platform, by making them “stars” in their grossly mislabeled TV shows, online streaming specials and DVDs. It’s all about ratings, click throughs, click bait, MONEY – not furthering or championing truth.


One must never forget that the very definition of an extremist is that they believe in extreme things such as wild CONspiracies or anything else that is not grounded in facts and science and is easily proven, when one bothers to do so! 


People who believe the Earth is flat for example, are extremists, let’s mince no words.


To extremists, the subject does not matter.


However, what does matter is REAL history, and protecting trusting consumers from fraud and financial exploitation and the crimes inherently committed by those who engage in UFOOLogy and scam from it, because it deceives the public.

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