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Our Charters Of Responsibility
Original Research • Finish Research Left Incomplete • Study Problems, SOLVE Them is a globally aligned entity dedicated to understanding and solving problems. Our unique approach is not only what distinguishes us, it is also what makes us uniquely successful. We offer a wide range of Analytical, Computing, Consulting, Design, Educational, Futuristic, Investigatory, Production, Research, Software Services and Solutions to help facilitate change, achieve your vision and SOLVE your problems!

CriticalThinkers has 12 Divisions, each Division has dozens of projects underway: Analytics, Archaeology, Arts, History, Intelligence, Literature, Philosophy, Politics, Religion, Science, Social Issues and Technology. We CAN help you, contact us today!

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Conduct Original Research

You get to make and write or rewrite history. We conduct original research all the time! The results are often released in various forms such as articles, books, presentations, reports, etc.


If YOU want to conduct original research, contact us. This isn't our first rodeo.

FINISH Research Left Incomplete

Unfinished research, is wasted research. With decades of experience, we have the expertise and capabilities to finish research that was never completed by others. Once done, your data is yours to keep!

Study Problems, Help Solve Them

Looking to develop your ideas, but not sure how?


We help you use logic and the right technologies to separate vital signals from all the chaos, empowering you to make the best decisions.

VR Headsets

Smart Home Devices 

Smart Helmets


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